27 Nisan 2010 Salı

Friendship Network in a US School

I don't know is this network true but it is also used in publications that surely makes it true. Interesting separation between green and white nodes visualized well. There are four main communities of friends in school. Also there are alone nodes which means they do not have any friends unluckily.

Interesting Layouts

25 Nisan 2010 Pazar

Semaspace: A tool for network visualization

I was surfing couple of minutes ago, and by coincidence I see this tool that has nice visualizations.


Their source code is available.

Some nice screens from their website

23 Nisan 2010 Cuma

Interesting Layouts

Dynamic Graph and its application link

What is PI?


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Interesting Layouts

Nodes are drawn on a circle. Each circles have different density of edges.

20 Nisan 2010 Salı

Interesting Layouts

Visualization of 15 minutes of log data for a class B firewall, with and without background worm traffic using aiSee tool.

And also you should also check these, about visualization of social networks.

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Interesting Layouts - 1

I am trying to give names to the graphs as far as I posted, but in some cases it is really hard to name the graphs. Since the topic of this blog covers "graph days" and "graph layouts", from now on I will start new series of posts as "Interesting Layouts". Here is the first one;

(Hopefully, I expect that these referenced links will not expire in the future)

6 Nisan 2010 Salı

Graph of Day 22: Internet Graph and Map

I collected some beautiful layouts from visualcomplexity.com

Opte Project:

2009 Global Internet Map:

5 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

Graph of Day 21: Unix Timeline Graph

I found the bigger version of Unix-Timeline Graph. It is interesting.