20 Mart 2010 Cumartesi

Reasons to watch 22 men and one ball

Today, I would like to comment on today's Football game something out of topic of this blog. Actually, it is classic but football is not just a game, it is almost passion for every teenage boys even for girls sometimes. It is also passion for me to watch a football game. The simplicity of the game is apparent; 22 players and one ball, it is like a real time chess. Each teams respond to the opponent team moves while making their own moves as well. I don't know why people start playing football but I believe that the aim is changed a lot and it is not simple as I guess. Did the first football player start playing if he(probably a male , I guess) could see the today's football game? People are going mad in stadiums. We always say that Roman's Ancient Arenas were barbaric, but even now football stadiums could be similar to those arenas. People may die during the matches, players may get hurt and supporters may throw up some pennies to the head of referees. Can you believe that a player may be whistled when it is injured? Do we lose our emotions during the game? In 17 th century, people in Italy, use their mask to hide their identities. Today in stadiums, people do not have masks but they feel free to behave to different. Intentionally, they swear, whistle, shout, fight... Interestingly, as a supporter, we proudly hang some posters to stands as "Welcome to Hell". As I said, we are going far away from simple football game. We increase hospitality although we try to spread a phrase "fair play". Think about the national matches. It is one type of modern wars.

In a conclusion, no matter which happens in the game, I believe we could not give up being interested in football, watching the game, proudly talking about the victories and counting cups. One interesting and bizarre point that comes in my mind is about the number of cups. Do you believe that in Turkcell Super League over 50 seasons, one of the leading team Fenerbahçe(my favorite team as well) has 17 league champions cup. What will happen in 2510? Will we proudly say we have won 17x11 cups( assuming to have same ratio 17/50)? Will we able to? Can you imagine the lifetime of football game? Will human kind reproduce another game? Obviously, who has read that entry in 2010 may not see the next century but I hope today's football will remain with better "fair play" understanding.

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